Symposium Univ Bordeaux

ETOP 2015 / Education and Training in Optics and Photonics / 29 june - 2 july 2015

Symposium laphia

ETOP’ 2015 is collocated and will run in parallel way with the LAPHIA annual symposium.

The objectives of this symposium are to bring together the international specialists who work in the fields of photonics/laser/imaging, to present the actual state of the art, and to exchange their meanings on the evolution of the relevant technologies.

Once a year, the Centre organizes an international symposium in Bordeaux. This key event is the opportunity to gather the global community, including researchers and industrials, around the three LAPHIA axes: laser, photonics and innovative imaging. This event is also an opportunity to present the different projects funded by the LAPHIA research, education and valorization programs.

This symposium will give the attendees the chance to visit the most recognized site for research in photonics & laser: Laboratories (ICMCB, LP2N, LOMA, CELIA), Laser Mega Joule and the City of Photonics. The success of this symposium will depend on having brought together a wide variety of attendees; the scientific dialogue will take place at all levels and it must be conducted new contacts between industrials, academic and institutional actors.

The first annual symposium has been held in Bordeaux from 2 September to 6 September 2013. There were 150 attendees during the week, 6 countries were represented. The challenge of the Centre LAPHIA is to increase the number of international attendees.

Presentation of the Centre of excellence LAPHIA

The Centre of excellence LAPHIA is financed by the Excellence Initiative (IdEx) of the University of Bordeaux-France. The project IdEx has been presented in the framework of the national program « Investissements d’avenir » launched in 2010 by the French government.

The Centre LAPHIA brings together teams belonging to 11 research laboratories of the University of Bordeaux. This Centre of excellence is expected to have a long-term structuring role in both the academic and economic spheres through the production and transfer of cutting-edge knowledge in laser and photonics.

The LAPHIA project aims to create a consortium around sciences of light – optics, photonics, lasers. The Bordeaux pole in optics is already recognized as leading in several fields: high energy lasers, hot plasmas laser-matter interaction physics, material science. The industrial dynamics is really impressive in the Bordeaux and Aquitaine areas, with a rapidly growing cluster of research centers and industrial companies dealing with optical and laser technologies.

In this favorable context, the LAPHIA project aims to federate the whole relevant academic community around coherent and innovative projects in lasers and photonics, while strengthening the links with CEA. The unique Centre of excellence structure will promote Bordeaux to among the most visible centers in Lasers and Photonics at European and international levels, resulting in a strong attractivity for students, researchers and private companies.